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My cat has really weird upper canine teeth, ive never seen any cat like it whats wrong with him?

my cat apparently has two teeth on each fang where hes supposed to have his pointy upper fangs, im not really worried about it because it looks pretty badass but it can be a phisical mutation.

My cat has really weird upper canine teeth, ive never seen any cat like it whats wrong with him?
he has retained dicidous teeth. They are his %26quot;baby teeth%26quot;. They haven%26#039;t fallen out like they were supposed to. He should have them removed as they are a palce for debris such as hair and food to accumulate and damage his adult teeth.
Reply:How old is your cat? My kitten had this problem too for about a month. The baby teeth finally fell out. If your cat is more than 8 or 9 months old, I would have it checked out by the vet.


Have you ever licked your canine teeth and thought, "Wow, I really am an animal..."?

...a warm-blooded, meat eating animal with teeth designed for ripping off bits of other animal%26#039;s flesh? curious.

(or perhaps it%26#039;s just that God is a carnivore, if you assume we%26#039;re created in his image)

Have you ever licked your canine teeth and thought, %26quot;Wow, I really am an animal...%26quot;?
Nope, never have. Maybe you need help.
Reply:Got any carrots?
Reply:Not until I read that!
Reply:good point, our teeth are Designed to eat and chew apart meat, right? Why do people think meat was NOT meant to be eaten (vegetarians) lol
Reply:My canines were so long and sharp as a teenager that I could put them through beer cans. My mother (a dental hygenist) was kind enough to have them shaved down when I had my wisdom teeth removed. So yes.

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What possible reason for pulling canine teeth???

we just rescued a dog from someone who could no longer keep their pets!!! she is a female pug, supposedly about 5 yrs. old, and, was used for breeding!! we don%26#039;t have any papers on her, can%26#039;t find the owner, and don%26#039;t really know anything much about dogs, at least not this!! any reason why they would have pulled her teeth?

What possible reason for pulling canine teeth???
I can only think of 2 reasons:

First - legitimate dental care as a result of decay/injury etc. Some breeds seem to have a pre-disposition towards tooth decay, and if the tooth isn%26#039;t pulled you risk abscesses forming. More usually, it%26#039;s a result of poor diet and the owner not acting soon enough to get the teeth cleaned.

Second - keeping too many dogs in crowded conditions, and rather than dealing with the issues and improving conditions for the dogs, their teeth are pulled so they can%26#039;t do as much damage to each other in fights. I have only heard of this a few times, but no-one really knows without seeing the conditions this dog came from.
Reply:tooth decay, a specific tooth condition, who the hell knows? look up any types of tooth conditions available in dogs.
Reply:You mean they pulled all her teeth? I hope not.

Pulling any teeth could mean they were decaying %26amp; if left in could cause an infection in the dog.

I don%26#039;t even want to think that they may have pulled her teeth so she wouldn%26#039;t bite.

Pugs are on the top of the list for affection %26amp; loyalty.

They do snore %26amp; sometimes have breathing problems.

Pugs shouldn%26#039;t be overheated either.

Good Luck. Glad you rescued her.
Reply:Decay, the only reason a vet would. Or they were knocked out, also my dog has one missing in front bottom and I never seen why or how. Mine is a pit bull and chews everything, from sticks to rocks. If there is no pain or inflammation now, I wouldn%26#039;t worry as long as she can eat. Nice of you to rescue!
Reply:rotten? are you sure they have been pulled?? sometimes active chewing dogs wear their teeth down to nubs.. she could be missing teeth from a genetic fault... ugh... what a mess.
Reply:If the dog had severe tooth decay or an infection I could see doing it. I would say you should go have your dog checked out by a vet because there could be some other health issues.


Cuz they were ROTTEN!!!!

Probably NOT %26quot;pulled%26quot;= just ROTTED RIGHT OUT!!!
Reply:Probably all rotted out. Dental problems are common with toy breeds.
Reply:they may not have been pulled. The canines caneasily be broken by chewing things that perhaps shouldn%26#039;t be chewed, like cage bars, or even bones. If other teeth are also missing, particularly premolars (that%26#039;d be the teeth between the canines and the real molars), then your dog may have had serious dental trouble and needed to have the teeth removed. But if only the canines are missing i%26#039;d bet she%26#039;s simply broken them off.

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Why canine teeth in humans is not growing long like other animals?

why canine teeths are not growing long and so sharp like other animals like dog ,cat,wolf,lion,or tiger

Why canine teeth in humans is not growing long like other animals?
Some people are actually born with sharp canines (I saw a picture of myself when I was 1 year old and thought I could have been a vampire). However, since our teeth only grow to a certain point due to genetic markers (DLX markers I believe are the ones which control tooth growth and development), our teeth only grow to a certain point. Furthermore, we wear our teeth down through eat, dirnking, and occasionally feeling our teeth with our tongue. The general wearing down further reduces the initial tooth size, especially canines. Our teeth do not continually grow like some animals, such as certain members of the Rodentia and Lagomorpha (rabbits) families. Once they have finished forming, they do not grow any larger.
Reply:Cause we%26#039;re not only meat eaters.
Reply:same reason we don%26#039;t have tails !
Reply:formation of the jaw bone. How can these teeth fit and make the jaw bone close. Those animals have longer bones.
Reply:because we have firearms and don%26#039;t have to hold prey with our teeth while killing it. HaHAHA
Reply:All of the animals you described catch and hold live prey in their mouths. The canines are helpful for holding onto live (moving) prey. Humans don%26#039;t--nor have they ever--catch animals with their mouths, so there%26#039;s no reason we would have elongated canines. We hunt with tools, not our mouths.
Reply:.Evolution in practice, as out brains grew larger and we started using tools for hunting and defense large canines were not needed anymore. Also large canine teeth were used as a threat display, when we started using weapons the baring of teeth became obsolete
Reply:ya as per theory of evolution...

as we moved ahead due to increase in cranial capacity we started using tools instead of teeth for preying

also we started cooking food so there was no need of sharp canines. Instead we have good malars %26amp; pre-molars for grindsing.

those r also not flat reason is same cooked food! think logically on this u will get answer
Reply:as a matter of fact, in primates long canines have little to do with their diet.

Instead they seem to be used to impress enemys/rivals or attract females. (Female Canines are very small compared to males in primates, yes, in humans too.)

Our ancestors didn%26#039;t seem to consider long canines as beeing especially sexy.

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Canine teeth cleaning really necessary?

Our vet consistently recommends that our beagle get her teeth cleaned. She gives several reasons for this, including the possibility that without doing so, our dog might get kidney diseases, heart problems, etc. The procedure costs about $300. What gives? I%26#039;ve had lots of dogs in the past and they all lived to ripe, old ages without having their teeth cleaned - just chew toys and the standard chewing treats. Is this really necessary or just %26#039;recommended%26#039;?

Canine teeth cleaning really necessary?
Personally, I think it%26#039;s just silly. I%26#039;ve had many animals that lived to ripe old ages as well! I think as long as you brush their teeth, and make sure they have good dental chew toys that are getting the buildup off you should be fine. My vet also said I should consider teeth cleaning, but only if my Sibe really needed it. She said we were doing great with just the brushing and bone chewing.

I guess if you can afford it and want to, then go ahead. I don%26#039;t think it%26#039;s necessary though.
Reply:Its nessacry. I clean my yorkies teeth every other year, this way she will live longer and has less of a change of getting gum desise.
Reply:I would try just brushing the dog%26#039;s teeth every night with a special dog toothpaste. I have a friend who does this, and her vet is very impressed!
Reply:If your dogs teeth are healthy and not causing any problems I wouldn%26#039;t think that it was necessary, but if their teeth aren%26#039;t kept clean they can have the same dental problems that humans have, including cavities,abcesses, and tooth loss. the older the dog gets the more important it is to make sure the teeth are cleaned. You can clean them yourself with a dog tooth brush and dog tooth paste. Never use Human Toothpaste for a dog or cat.

Try cleaning them yourself to save that high cost at the Vet.
Reply:For good health, and good breath you should get your dog’s teeth cleaned. Just combine it with another reason for her to be knocked out, say like being spayed.

Then with a clean base every night brush your dog’s teeth. Dogs can NOT use people tooth paste, you have to use special dog tooth paste. I brush my little one’s teeth every night since he was six weeks old. He has never needed a professional cleaning and the vet is very impressed with his teeth. Plus his breath is very good most of the time.
Reply:Dental cleanings are necessary when they have tarter build up on their teeth. Because the tarter can break off and cause kidney problems and your dog could die. I have a beagle and she has to get dentals even though she always chews on rawhides and only eats dry foods.
Reply:Yes, it is very important. Some breeds are more prone to tooth problems - and your beagle appears to be one of them.

You could look into giving raw bones to help clean her teeth, but a professional cleaning is still in order.

Don%26#039;t just start randomly chucking raw bones at your dog. Here%26#039;s a website to help:
Reply:hi, doggie dental is stupid,

give the dog a bone, as in a soup bone,

t-bone any bone but the leg of a chicken,

or any brittle type of bone,

the knuckle bone is the best type, that you

can get at the buthcher store.
Reply:i%26#039;m with you.... %26quot;doggies%26quot; need teeth be carted around town in those little purses...LOL

REAL DAWGS...nope. give em lots of crunchy treats.... I have had dogs all my life...never cleaned any teeth...unless a problem occured...then I would clean them and treat it.

Makes you wonder who%26#039;s hand is in who%26#039;s pocket......

Of course, if we were OPRAH with nothing better to do with our money...and servants to do our %26quot;meanial%26quot; chores.... then I%26#039;d do it... but real people, real dogs.... COME ON!
Reply:Look at it this way, Do you clean your teeth? Can we get disease from not brushing our teeth? Well then......Except you paying 300.00$ for your vet to brush them, is just them wanting to make a little money, on one part, but the other part is YES, it is important!! You can brush your dogs teeth by yourself!!!! Get a big, soft toothbrush, and canine paste(it%26#039;s flavored), you can get it from your vets, or any pet supply store. Brush, Brush, Brush your dogs teeth to a happier, CLEANER, healthier doggy!!! Good luck!- (just fallow directions on tube, or ask vet, but don%26#039;t pay for it!)
Reply:It is a good thing to have your pets teeth cleaned every few years. It prevents plaque buildup %26amp; keeps them healthy. It is proven that gum disease leads to heart problems, etc. It is true in humans too. That does sound a little costly for the procedure so you might check prices at another vet but remember that they have to knock the animal out to clean its teeth. If you don%26#039;t get it done, it will most likely lead to cavaties %26amp; problems later. If you%26#039;ll go back in the cats questions a couple of days you can find out what happens when you don%26#039;t get your pets teeth cleaned (teeth falling out, horrible breath, its not pretty). This is the 3rd questions I%26#039;ve answered about this recently.
Reply:I guess it depends on what your dog%26#039;s teeth currently look like? Does your vet complain that she has excess tartar build up at all? Some dogs just have bad teeth - and some dog food just causes lots of teeth problems.

My chihuahua (and chihuahuas are notorious for having teeth issues) is almost 3 years old and has RANK breath.. but everytime I ask whether teeth cleaning is necessary, my vet raves about how beautiful her teeth are (she%26#039;s an incessant chewer, almost entirely on holistic dry dog food, etc) and tells me that unless they take a turn for the worse or I insist, she doesn%26#039;t *need* it.

Maybe go to a different vet for a second opinion? Vets can be hit or miss regarding their diagnoses. I have a lot of animals (I may as well be a collector) and especially with Equine vets, some of them will almost always find *something* wrong in order to charge you for it.

Maybe you just need a different vet or at least one who won%26#039;t insist on a procedure unless it%26#039;s absolutely necessary?

If your dog has a healthy diet - plenty of chew toys to exercise her jaws and clean her teeth - and is overall healthy and active, a good tooth brushing by you (not even every night, I brush my dog%26#039;s teeth maybe once every other week and her teeth are perfectly fine) and she won%26#039;t need a professional cleaning for awhile.
Reply:Ok if there is no plaque build up then continue cleaning at home. If there is a moderate build up, try feeding raw bones of the right size for the pup and go to the vet if it isn%26#039;t clean after a couple of bones. If it is heavy build up or has been present for a long time then let the vet clean up front and then follow up with proper dental care and bones in the future.

Dogs of every sort need clean teeth. They live their entire lives through their mouths and the pain I have seen many dogs in is unacceptable. I have seen dogs stop eating because it hurts too much. I could care less how but the teeth must be maintained. It is not normal to lose teeth except to injury. It is not normal for there to be a foul odor from their mouth.

The dangers you listed above are real and will decrease the dogs lifespan and cause needless suffering. The real key is day to day cleaning because plaque begins to harden after 2 days on the teeth and that plaque is what causes the cavities that result in severe pain, tooth loss and smell. The vet is the last resort when the dog has been neglected in day to day care.

I do take my dog for annual cleaning because he is a working dog and I want to ensure that the care I am taking is sufficient. Because my dog is trained sedation is not needed. Because I clean every day it takes about 10 minutes during one of his semi annual check ups. Because of these things it costs about 40 dollars to have the vet do this.
Reply:ask the person who was on here a few weeks ago crying because the general anesthetic used to knock out dogs for teeth cleaning KILLED their dog. General anesthetic is just as dangerous for pets as it is for people.

Brush your dogs teeth regularly (NOT every night, that is over kill and can do more harm than good by irritating their gums) and keep an eye out for infections, cavities and abscesses. Being put under regularly just increases the odds of something going terribly wrong and for what? If the dog is crunching dry kibble and chewing its dental chew toys there shouldn%26#039;t be much plaque and what there is you can take care of with a tooth brush.
Reply:Treats do the trick the only real reason to clean their teeth professionaly is if their going to be shown off
Reply:It is not necessary to have a dog%26#039;s teeth cleaned, a good diet will keep the teeth clean. Milk Bones will also clean the teeth if plaque builds up from time to time.

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What is the average size for a gray wolf's canine teeth?

I have a little %26quot;discussion%26quot; going on with a member of my forum. He claims that 5 inches is an acceptable size for a wolf%26#039;s canine tooth. A five year old gray wolf would have worn down the size of the tooth by then, yes? And even before then, nearly half a foot is highly improbable.

What is the average size for a gray wolf%26#039;s canine teeth?
Wolves are about the same size as large dogs. A five inch canine would be hard for a canine this size to conceal in his mouth.

From what I%26#039;ve seen on mounted specimens: less than 2 inches.
Reply:3/4%26quot; to 1/1/4%26quot;
Reply:Wolves use their canine teeth, which can grow

to be 2 inches in length.
Reply:One foot

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I just had my braces put on & my lower canine teeth are REALLY SORE. Any suggestions?

I%26#039;ve just been to my ortho. and had my braces put on. I was told not to worry, because I had them bonded straight to my teeth. For the first few hours there was no problem, except getting used to the pickup truck in my mouth. Now my lower canines are veryyyyyyyy sore and I%26#039;ve tried all the pain relievers in the house.

The lower teeth are crooked, so I understand that they are just shifting, but I need to do something about the pain. I%26#039;m not sure I%26#039;ll be able to go to sleep. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

thnx. XD

I just had my braces put on %26amp; my lower canine teeth are REALLY SORE. Any suggestions?
i got my braces a week ok. OK the thing is that you might get some cuts on your gums from where the braces been rubbing. And it is going to hurt to for like a week but each day it hurts less. if i were you i would get used to eating pudding and ice cream and etc because it%26#039;ll be sore when you eat i just got use to them and eating and for some reasons when you wake up in the morning it%26#039;ll feel WERID and your mouth will hurt you%26#039;ll hate it but after a while you get you to it and yes it%26#039;ll get less noticeable. I%26#039;ve been having them for a week and 1 day and used to them. And yea oh the first day it%26#039;ll be like that i just took med before i went to bed and i was good. oh by the way after a couple of days your 2 front teeth will space out .
Reply:To me Advil is a dream come true for pain, so if you%26#039;ve taken Advil and still have no relief, you may need to go back to your ortho. He may can provide something better.

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