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Why canine teeth in humans is not growing long like other animals?

why canine teeths are not growing long and so sharp like other animals like dog ,cat,wolf,lion,or tiger

Why canine teeth in humans is not growing long like other animals?
Some people are actually born with sharp canines (I saw a picture of myself when I was 1 year old and thought I could have been a vampire). However, since our teeth only grow to a certain point due to genetic markers (DLX markers I believe are the ones which control tooth growth and development), our teeth only grow to a certain point. Furthermore, we wear our teeth down through eat, dirnking, and occasionally feeling our teeth with our tongue. The general wearing down further reduces the initial tooth size, especially canines. Our teeth do not continually grow like some animals, such as certain members of the Rodentia and Lagomorpha (rabbits) families. Once they have finished forming, they do not grow any larger.
Reply:Cause we%26#039;re not only meat eaters.
Reply:same reason we don%26#039;t have tails !
Reply:formation of the jaw bone. How can these teeth fit and make the jaw bone close. Those animals have longer bones.
Reply:because we have firearms and don%26#039;t have to hold prey with our teeth while killing it. HaHAHA
Reply:All of the animals you described catch and hold live prey in their mouths. The canines are helpful for holding onto live (moving) prey. Humans don%26#039;t--nor have they ever--catch animals with their mouths, so there%26#039;s no reason we would have elongated canines. We hunt with tools, not our mouths.
Reply:.Evolution in practice, as out brains grew larger and we started using tools for hunting and defense large canines were not needed anymore. Also large canine teeth were used as a threat display, when we started using weapons the baring of teeth became obsolete
Reply:ya as per theory of evolution...

as we moved ahead due to increase in cranial capacity we started using tools instead of teeth for preying

also we started cooking food so there was no need of sharp canines. Instead we have good malars %26amp; pre-molars for grindsing.

those r also not flat reason is same cooked food! think logically on this u will get answer
Reply:as a matter of fact, in primates long canines have little to do with their diet.

Instead they seem to be used to impress enemys/rivals or attract females. (Female Canines are very small compared to males in primates, yes, in humans too.)

Our ancestors didn%26#039;t seem to consider long canines as beeing especially sexy.

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